Running is about much more than physical advancement. Running is a source for a lot of things. It drains you by exertion, yet fills up all your silos. Ultimately, running is about energy.
The kind of energy that makes you overcome fears, anxieties and all the demons that live inside yourself.
For DROP V1 we used Halloween as the perfect occasion to fight off demons with a post-run tee.
DROP V2 saw us all "Absorbed By Nature" – all about connection, symbiosis, and pairing. Two new products, two functionalities, two elements. A pre- or post-run tee that blends in or catches the light (Please wear it to shreds). And a drinking bottle that has been customized using natural resources.
The latest DROP V3 now is here to "Protect your Head(space)". It introduces two essential running companions designed to shield your head and enhance your journey. This collection features a meticulously crafted cap and a versatile bandana, each serving as a guardian of your head(space) during runs or in moments of recovery. These pieces are not just about physical protection; they're symbols of the sanctuary we seek and find in the rhythm of our steps and the breaths we take amidst the beauty of the natural world.
With every product some of the profit will go to the Robert Enke Stiftung - Impression Depression as it’s important to give back.

It’s a non-profit drop to spread awareness and help to deal with the horrific inner demons. For the sake of Running.
Thank you.